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Aldò: Biography
Altan Francesco-Tullio: Biography
Amelio Gianni: Biography
Ammaniti Niccolò: Biography
Antonio Albanese: Biography
Antonioni Michelangelo: Biography
Appiani Andrea: Biography
Archibugi Francesca: Biography
Argento Dario: Biography
Avati Pupi: Biography
Baglioni Claudio: Biography
Baj Enrico: Biography
Barbero Alessandro: Biography
Bazzaro Leonardo: Biography
Bene Carmelo: Biography
Benigni Roberto: Biography
Benvenuti Leo: Biography
Berto Giuseppe: Biography
Bertoja Giuseppe: Biography
Bertoja Pietro: Biography
Bertolucci Attilio: Biography
Bertolucci Bernardo: Biography
Blasetti Alessandro: Biography
Boccioni Umberto: Biography
Bocelli Andrea: Biography
Bocelli Arnaldo: Biography
Bonelli Gianluigi: Biography
Bosé Lucia: Biography
Botticelli Sandro: Biography
Britti Alex: Biography
Brizzi Enrico: Biography
Calopresti Mimmo: Biography
Calvino Italo: Biography
Camerini Mario: Biography
Camilleri Andrea: Biography
Campiotti Giacomo: Biography
Canova Antonio: Biography
Capucci Roberto: Biography
Carrà Carlo: Biography
Casella Paola: Biography
Celentano Adriano: Biography
Cellini Benvenuto: Biography
Cerami Vincenzo: Biography
Chiari Walter: Biography
Clemente Francesco: Biography
Cocciante Riccardo: Biography
Collodi Carlo: Biography
Comencini Cristina: Biography
Consoli Carmen: Biography
Consolo Vincenzo: Biography
Conte Paolo: Biography
Corvi Domenico: Biography
D'Annunzio Gabriele: Biography
De Chirico Giorgio: Biography
De Gregori Francesco: Biography
De Santis Giuseppe: Biography
De Sica Vittorio: Biography
Del Monte Peter: Biography
Della Robbia Andrea: Biography
Della Robbia Giovanni: Biography
Della Robbia Girolamo: Biography
Della Robbia Luca: Biography
Dorfles Gillo: Biography
Eco Umberto: Biography
Eduardo De Filippo: Biography
Fabrizio De André: Biography
Faenza Roberto: Biography
Fattori Giovanni: Biography
Fellini Federico: Biography
Ferrandino Giuseppe: Biography
Ferrero Anna Maria: Biography
Flangini Giuseppe: Biography
Fo Dario: Biography
Fontana Lucio: Biography
Fontanesi Antonio: Biography
Fornara Carlo: Biography
Gadda Carlo Emilio: Biography
Gassman Vittorio: Biography
Gattinoni Alma: Biography
Giacometti Alberto: Biography
Giacometti Augusto: Biography
Giacometti Bruno: Biography
Giacometti Diego: Biography
Giacometti Giovanni: Biography
Ginzburg Natalia: Biography
Girotti Massimo: Biography
Givone Sergio: Biography
Grazzini Renzo: Biography
Guareschi Giovanni: Biography
Guccini Francesco: Biography
Guttuso Renato: Biography
Jovanotti: Biography
Labate Wilma: Biography
Leone Sergio: Biography
Ligabue: Biography
Loren Sophia : Biography
Lucarelli Carlo: Biography
Luzzati Emanuele: Biography
Maccari Mino: Biography
Magnani Anna: Biography
Magris Claudio: Biography
Mainardi Angelo: Biography
Manetti Bros.: Biography
Manfredi Nino: Biography
Mannoia Fiorella: Biography
Maraini Dacia: Biography
Marchini Giorgio: Biography
Marniti Biagia: Biography
Martinazzi Bruno: Biography
Maselli Francesco: Biography
Masina Giulietta: Biography
Massimo Ranieri: Biography
Mastroianni Marcello: Biography
Mazzacurati Carlo: Biography
Milian Tomas: Biography
Mina: Biography
Monicelli Mario: Biography
Monnet Gianni: Biography
Morandi Giorgio: Biography
Morricone Ennio: Biography
Munari Bruno: Biography
Murolo Roberto: Biography
Nazzari Amedeo: Biography
Nuti Francesco: Biography
Ockayovà Jarmila: Biography
Oxa Anna: Biography
Paoli Gino: A portrait
Paoli Gino: Biography
Paolini Giulio: Biography
Pasini Willy: Biography
Pasolini Pier Paolo: Biography
Pausini Laura: Biography
Pavese Cesare: Biography
Picchiotti Laura: Biography
Piccioni Giuseppe: Biography
Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel: Biography
Piovani Nicola: Biography
Pirro Ugo: Biography
Pomodoro Arnaldo: Biography
Pontiggia Giuseppe: Biography
Pope John Paul II: Biography
Pravo Patty:  Biography
Prezzolini Giuseppe: Biography
Ramazzotti Eros: Biography
Rei Marina: Biography
Risi Dino: Biography
Rossellini Roberto:  Biography
Rubini Sergio: Biography
Saba Umberto: Biography
Salemme Vincenzo: Biography
Salgari Emilio: Biography
Salvatores Gabriele:Biography
Sandrelli Stefania: Biography
Sassu Aligi: Biography
Scerbanenco Giorgio: Biography
Scimeca Pasquale: Biography
Sclavi Tiziano: Biography
Secchiaroli Tazio: Biography
Segantini Giovanni: Biography
Silvestri Daniele: Biography
Siti Walter: Biography
Soldati Atanasio: Biography
Soldini Silvio: Biography
Sonego Rodolfo Biography
Sordi Alberto: Biography
Steno: Biography
Tamaro Susanna: Biography
Tomasi di Lampedusa Giuseppe: Biography
Tornatore Giuseppe: Biography
Totò: Biography
Tullio Giordana Marco: Biography
Ungaretti Giuseppe: Biography
Valli Alida: Biography
Vanoni Ornella: Biography
Vanzina Carlo: Biography
Vanzina Enrico: Biography
Vecchioni Roberto: Biography
Venditti Antonello: Biography
Verdino Stefano:  Biography
Verdone Carlo: Biography
Veronesi Luigi: Biography
Virzì Paolo: Biography
Visconti Luchino: Biography
Vittoria Alessandro: Biography
Wertmuller Lina: Biography
Zavattini Cesare: Biography
Zeffirelli Franco: Biography
Zucchero: Biography
Zurlini Valerio: Biography
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